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Engineering Group

Engineering Group

Top Technology Built by Experience and Achievement

This group was started in 1960 as the Overseas Project Department to export hot-dip galvanizing plants.
With 6 joint ventures in 6 foreign countries, the department exported plants for rolling, galvanizing, roll manufacturing, and other specializations to 38 countries.
It was renamed the Engineering Group in 1983, and its territory was expanded to include the Japanese domestic market.
The group’s reputation for plant engineering excellence is derived from its abundant experience and achievements in the technical fields of rolling, galvanizing, color coating, steel processing, and casting.

Business Lines
Cold Rolling Pickling Line, Cold Rolling Mill, Cleaning Line
Surface Treatment Sheet Galvanizing Line, Sheet Color Coating Line,
Continuous Galvanizing Line, Continuous Color Coating Line,
Hoop Manufacturing Line
Forming & Processing Barrel Corrugator, Roll Forming Line,
Shearing Line, Slitting Line,
Pressing Line
Casting Molding Sand Treatment Facilities, Drying Ovens,
Centrifugal Casting Facilities
Heating & Drying Various Kinds of Heat Treatment Facilities, Drying Ovens,
Combustion Equipment
System Controlling Various Kinds of Control Boards, Instrumentation Boards
Environmental Grating Manufacturing Facilities,
Environment-Preservation Equipment
  • Continuous Galvanizing Line
    Continuous Galvanizing Line
  • Continuous Color Coating Line
    Continuous Color Coating Line
  • Electrodeposition coating Line
    Electrodeposition Coating Line
  • Automated specialized barrel corrugating equipment
    Automated Specialized Barrel Corrugating Equipment

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