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A number of secrets regarding the YODOKO Guest House,designated a National Important Cultural Property

YODOKO GUEST HOUSE Director, Mr. Shibata's "Travel Report of Wright's Architecture in the U.S.-Part 2"
The director really felt that the houses designed by Wright transcend time and nation.
YODOKO GUEST HOUSE Director, Mr. Shibata's "Travel Report of Wright's Architectures in the U.S.-Part 1"
The director associates Wright's crowning work, the "Fallingwater" (Kaufmann House) with YODOKO Guest House.
The director guides the highlights of the guesthouse for visitors who plan to come this spring.
"Inverted beam" and "suspended floor" are the structures that have a decisive influence on the first impression of the building
"Masonry structure" and reinforcement construction method that enhance Wright's unique design
"Yajirobe" structure that supports Wright's original wall decoration
Wright's representative theme seen through the structure
There is no way of knowing... Electric equipment installed when the construction was completed
Wright's view of the interior indicated by built-in furniture
Treasure house of episodes Feature of Wright architecture-Oyaishi stone!
Grasping ideas and works:Wright, a magician of formative art
Designated National Important Cultural Property Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright
Discovered during post-quake restoration:New, previously covered-over facts found in the walls!
The first RC architecture to be designated an Important Cultural Property

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